About 20 years ago, the bike Mindy had hired to take her on her language survey trip to the Tchouvok community had a breakdown. But she continued on foot, alone hiking the hills of the Mandara Mountains to get to the Tchouvok community. It was very risky for a beautiful blond girl in her 20s hiking those mountains on her own. But the Lord protected her. The bike guy she had hired repaired the bike, traced the prints of her boots in the sand, and was able to find her.

Some years later, while serving at CABTAL in Cameroon, we used Mindy’s survey report and started translation with the Tchouvok people. Working with the Tchouvoks was a lot of fun. Despite the low level of education and extreme poverty in the Tchouvok community, they came up with the ingenious idea of “The corn and millet challenge” to raise funds among their people to translate the Bible into their language. Every Tchouvok child gave a cup of corn or millet and adults two cups through the challenge. But they delivered much more than a cup and worked so hard.

Corn and Millet Challenge
Tchovok children