Community Leadership Program

The Community Leadership Program is a life changing experience designed to equip and empower leaders to develop a vision for their community, and to take responsibility for and lead the change they desire to see.

The program brings together tribal chiefs, pastors from many denominations, business leaders and others to a two or three day forum.

Leaders learn from their peers and from principles of biblical leadership.

Topics include how to:

  • Identify problematic aspects of the local culture
  • Understand clearly the message of the Gospel in our context
  • Develop a vision for the community
  • Play a key role in Bible translation

Basic Community Development

We provide access to basic information in the mother tongue that improves people’s quality of life. These involves:

  • Health (AIDS, malaria, cholera, hygiene, etc.)
  • Agriculture (composting, gardening, etc.)
  • Social justice (the rights of children and women, fight against corruption, the importance of education, environmental concerns, health, Malaria, Cholera, preventing child marriage, etc). Peace building, Biblical justice, meeting physical needs with the kindness of Jesus to create opportunities to also present the gospel.


The communities are equipped with practical skills to develop culturally relevant music and make appropriate use of drama and other local arts for community outreach, awareness on social and development issues.

Activities include

  • Songwriting and drama workshops
  • Audio recording of songs and video clips
  • Shooting and producing video skits
  • Cultural events in the communities