Bible Translation

Our team in Chad had a translation workshop with 55 Kabba translators divided into eight groups. Oasis provided four laptops for four Kabba teams, but we still have four teams without a computer. We are looking to purchase four more.  Pray for God’s blessings on the work in the Kabba community.  Ask the Lord to strengthen the…


Samuel Weah was studying in the Gambia when we started our work there. After He left the Gambia, he went back to Liberia and has started mobilizing and training other young people in his home country. Last week, they had a two-day training with young people.

Bible Listening Groups

Bemba is one of the Listen group facilitators in the program in Chad. Bemba and a couple of friends started a construction company called “Bati Pour Christ” (Build for Christ). Bemba had been seeking ways to use his company to share the Gospel with people in his home country. He attended our first Bible listening group…

Kaba Community

An Update from Africa

We had a three-day meeting with the Kaba community. About 650 Kaba tribal leaders, pastors, and community members launched their Bible translation project and raised funds for the project. Kaba communities from different towns sent leaders to represent them at the event and participate in planning.

Invited to appear in parliament

Today, we received an official invitation to appear before the sub-committee on International Human Rights of the Canadian Parliament regarding the conflict in Southern Cameroons. The hearing is scheduled for 6:00pm on February 16 by Zoom. Please, pray for good meetings and a good outcome.

US Senate Resolution 684 on Cameroon unanimously agreed

Dear Friends,We are making progress in ending rampant human rights violations in Southern Cameroons. Thank you for your prayers for southern Cameroons. I also want to express gratitude to those in the US who took the time to write to their senators requesting their support for Senate Resolution 684 on Cameroon. Yesterday, the US Senate unanimously…


Tchouvok Translation Complete

About 20 years ago, the bike Mindy had hired to take her on her language survey trip to the Tchouvok community had a breakdown. But she continued on foot, alone hiking the hills of the Mandara Mountains to get to the Tchouvok community. It was very risky for a beautiful blond girl in her 20s hiking…